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The Women in Science, Innovation and Technology Conference is a platform to the discuss of innovative and creative ways of empowering women, especially young women in STEM. The conference will be focusing on the different roles that women in STEM can play to contribute to the development and growth of Africa as a continent. As highlighted by the theme, it is important for African women in STEM to suggest different prescriptions to the different problems bedeviling the continent. The conference will produce policy prescriptions that may be adopted nationally and regionally as well.

First Day

Day 1 Panel

Voices of Women in Academia

The session "Voices of Women in Academia" will serve as a platform for candid discussions and insights into the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of women in academic settings within STEM fields. Participants will delve into topics such as navigating career advancement, achieving work-life balance, and overcoming institutional barriers.


The Conference seeks to:

1. Sharing Cutting-Edge Research:

Provide the platform for women in STEM to share their cutting-edge research as a way of inspiring others.

2. Building Leadership Capacity:

Build the leadership capacity of women in STEM to drive change and innovation in the STEM field.

3. Promoting Mentorship:

Draw attention to the important role of mentorship, through the provision of the platform for young scientists to interact with accomplished women scientists.

4. Debating Pertinent Issues:

Create the platform for various actors - educators, policy-makers and partners to debate on pertinent issues related to the promotion of Women in STEM