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Innovators Hub Club

A Club for Young Innovators

The Innovators Hub Club is a club for young innovators who are passionate about STEM innovations and entrepreneurship. The overall mandate of the club is establishing the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the young communities. This helps create an applied or practical approach to education and demonstrate the entrepreneurial benefits of innovation. The students are encouraged to not only innovate but also to bring solution-based ideas that better their communities, build enterprises and contribute to economic growth.


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A club for young innovators who are passionate about STEM innovations and entrepreneurship.

More about Innovators Hub Club

STEM based solutions

This contributes in building our communities through STEM based solutions, captivating and inspiring the young generation. Government has statistically shown that currently STEM based solutions are lagging behind owing to the technology and innovation policies and or supporting structures; hence, there was a gap that can be bridged. The IHC initiative is tailor made to motivate and mentor the young innovators, encouraging them to be innovative and to apply their knowledge in developing their communities.

Clubs are established in tertiary institutions and high schools. The initiative intends to cover all 10 provinces by 2020. Our program seeks to develop an innovative mind, which brings solutions that can enterprise. They receive mentorship, motivation, training and envisioning activities that transforms them into innovators. Our yearly calendar includes exhibitions by our students, and an annual competition called SSuS (Student Start-up Summit) which is held, to get the club members an opportunity to be heard and later get investors or incubation.

Specific goals include:

Jobs and entrepreneurship

Creating descent jobs by youth for youths in sustainable job environments given the shape and rate of emerging industries.

Education and Skills

Create opportunities through training and enrolment in workplaces. Providing the youth with various skills (digital, entrepreneurship and leadership skills). The goal is to ensure that the skills learnt transfer to the local community for betterment of livelihoods.

Civic participation and leadership

Identify, nurture and grow one hundred leaders through skills development program who will provide solutions, participate in advocacy, and become role models in their IHC and communities.