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What is ScitechInc

Science and Technology Incubation Hub (ScitechInc)

Science and technology Incubation Hub (ScitechInc) is the last flagship under Elevate Trust that seeks to be the bridge between ideation and commercialization through a one year incubation process. The businesses start as ideas or early stage start-ups and exit when they are financially independent and successfully operational. it will work with supporting already successful identified ideas. Providing follow up for start-up competition winners and creating incubation structures that enable the transformation the idea into a business. Its success is seeing a running project that is successful not only in registration but sufficiently profitable to sustain itself and financially attractive to be eligible for listing under the stock exchange. SciTechInc will also offer a networking platform for entrepreneurs who are not necessarily under its incubation programme. This will be through a monthly program called the business speed networking program.


ScitechInc Partners

ScitechInc understands the power of collaborations hence it leverages on building partnerships. Among them are:

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How to join

It will mainly deal with projects that have gone to competitions and sourcing projects from start-up competitions from around the country including Elevate Trust’s very own Student Start Up Summit.